Online tutoring

 Online tutoring can provide interactive, personalized instruction tailored to the specific learning needs of a child, helping build the skills necessary to excel in school from the convenience and safety of home. While some "homework help" Web sites may appear to offer simple solutions to better grades, only an online tutor can address a child's specific skill gaps and provide guidance needed to complete current and future school work. This individualized approach can lead to greatly improved school performance, increased self-confidence, and better report cards.

Internet-based tutoring service to offer personalized reading and math tutoring for students in grades three through nine provided by state-certified teachers. Teachers and students use Web technology that allows continuous two-way audio dialogue, which is much like talking on the telephone. They also write questions and answers, which are displayed on both the student's and teacher's computer screens, using a digital pencil and digital writing pad (similar to a mousepad).

Unlike other Internet tutoring products that are formulaic or pre-recorded,they begins with a comprehensive online skills assessment to pinpoint a child's skill gaps. Using these results, it is able to create a program that is targeted to each child's individual needs, and includes a variety of "prescribed" lessons that help the child meet his or her specific learning objectives.

"With an online tutoring service,  parents can schedule at-home tutoring when it's convenient for the family, so children can work toward higher grades without missing any after-school activities," states Hoge. "It's a win-win situation for everyone."