Mosquito Trap

A Skeeterbag combined with a 20” box fan is the most effective mosquito trap ever invented. There are other mosquito control
devices but in terms of effectiveness, environmental impact, and cost Skeeterbag Trap Kits are superior.

Skeeterbag is an all-new, completely unique mosquito trap and trapping technique.  While other traps attempt to lure mosquitoes away from the  places they normally go with Propane and Magic Potions, Skeeterbag catches mosquitoes that come near People, Pets, Livestock, and the dwellings of the aforementioned.  With no bait or fuel to buy the long term costs are non-existent.  Our mission was to
make an any-man's trap, accessible to all. 

Mosquitoes may be attracted to the fans  themselves. They give off a vibration and heat signature similar to warm blooded animals