DIY-  Lecher Antenna

The Lecher Antenna enables one to better undestrand the environment and to profit from optimal conditions for well-being and harmony in one's surroundings.

The Lecher Antenna allows for the measurement and analysis of the energetic qualities of all matter physical or other.

Learning to use the Lecher Antenna makes it possible to acquire skills in dowsing, prospecting, geobiology and environmental testy, energy harmonization, nutrition, research and the influence of objects on the body.

        * Wire of copper nickel-plated:
              o It is the central part of your antenna, the wire has to be as straight as possible.
              o height from pedestal (a side): 18.8 cm.
              o total height of the wire (a side): 20.0 cm (18.8 cm exterior + 1.2cm in the pedestral).
              o external width of the wire (at the top of the antenna): 2.9 cm.
              o internal width of the wire (at the top of the antenna): 2.3 cm.
              o diameter of the wire: 0.3 cm.
        * Plastic rule:
              o The rule is transparent but it has not a great importance.
              o height from pedestal: 18.6 cm.
              o width: 1.4 cm.
              o the zero of the rule is at its top.
        * The pedestal in black backelite:
              o The pedestral can be in wood, plastic ...
                Attention!: Do not forget that 1.2cm of the Lecher wire sinks into the pedestal.
              o height from pedestal: 3.3 cm.
              o width: 6.3 cm.
              o depth: 1.5 cm.
              o lateral edge height: 2.0 cm.
        * The cursor:
              The cursor serves to make short-circuit. It is important that it makes contact between the two sides of the Lecher wire.
              It is therefore made in conductible material, and can move on the wire.

        * The branches:
              o Branches are made in the same metal that the wire (nickel-plated copper).
                Branches are dug (like a pipe), they are not exactly identical, one is more dug than the other.
                They sink into the block of backelite (1.5cm approximately), in theory they do not have to make contact with the Lecher wire.
              o total length: 12.5 cm.
              o external diameter: 0.5 cm.
              o Angle of insertion (from the rule to the branches): between 101° and 106°.

There are 4 "gadgets" that are sold with the Lecher antenna, here they are:

    1] A magnetized stem, that take place in one of the branches. It should, in principle, facilitate the research of whole what is electromagnetic (the North, cosmo- telluric fields, and some organ).
    2] Three colored tiles (red, blue, green), they serve as witness.
    3] A mass, it connects it to the antenna with the help of an electrical wire. It allows to test persons as well as remedies.
    4] A 1cm of large ring, it should facilitated the research of fields (magnetic and auriques). It fixes in the pedestal of the antenna.