DIY online education

 Whether you want to get on in your career, take your life in a new direction, or make more of a hobby or interest, we can help you get where you want to go. Home Study and Distance Learning Course could be what you are looking for!

HomeStudy is all about flexibility. You can learn at home, or at your workplace – the main thing is, you’re learning in the place that suits you. And as well as studying where you want, you study when you want.

That means no classes to go to, and no term times to stick to. Whatever your circumstances, your course fits in with your life – not the other way round!

Benefits include:

    * Learn where you want, when you want
    * Start when you like, and work at your own pace
    * Full support as you progress
    * Be part of our online student community
    * Manage your studies online

Ultimately, online distance learning programmes simply offer an alternative way of learning, one which often provides the flexibility that people need in order to further their qualifications or to pursue a particular interest more closely. Granted, this is a different way of learning than some people might be used to but it’s important to dispel some of the myths surrounding online learning and to focus more on the positive benefits which many people derive from it.